A Comprehensive Guide to Adult Learning [Interview]

The way adults and children learn differs radically, and “being too old to learn” is not the main point. You can use the same LMS software and even apply the principles of kids’ learning to teaching adults, but if you don’t know what makes an adult learner engaged, motivated and excited about your online course, the chances the training will fail are pretty high.

To help you to get an idea of adult learning, understand its main principles and learn how not to make mistakes when creating courses for adults, we’ve interviewed an experienced Instructional Designer and Technologist – Julian Davis.

Julian, what does the term «Adult Learning» mean and what is the difference between andragogy and pedagogy?

To me, andragogy and pedagogy are very different in the way they are applied to learning. As children, we are told to go to school and learn. We are not told what we are learning, it just ‘happens’ based’ on our age and curriculum. However when it comes to adult learners, the learner must want to learn and have a reason for wanting to learn. Adult learners are much more self-directed than children and know what they want to learn. Forcing an adult learner into a course they don’t want to do will often result in the learner not retaining any information.

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