How To Build And Sell Your First E-Course [Interview]

Creating your first online course might be overwhelming, especially when you have no prior instructional design expertise or industry knowledge. To help you not to get stuck and create a good and engaging eLearning course we’ve interviewed a Strategist and a Senior Instructional Designer with over 20 years’ experience – Michael Milroy. In this interview Michael covers the fundamentals of a good online course, the common mistakes made when developing eLearning courses, recommends where to look for inspiration, how to get started with eLearning course development and which trends to follow in 2017. Enjoy reading it!

What are the fundamentals of a good eLearning course?

For effective learning, whether it is instructor lead, video, self-guided, or eLearning, you must: make it engaging; use the right methodology; and connect the dots for the learner.

You’ve heard this repeatedly, but it is true. If learners aren’t paying attention, they aren’t going to learn. Grab their attention and don’t let go.

Don’t equate engagement to learning. Courses can be highly engaging and still leave the learner wondering what they were supposed to learn. You must apply learning methodology. One meta-study of the efficacy of different training modalities showed that it didn’t matter how the training was delivered – video, instructor, workbook, eLearning, etc. – the only differentiator in the efficacy was the proper application of learning methodology for each training modality. You must apply the right methodology in an appropriate manner.

It’s not enough to create SMART objectives, you must connect the dots from the objectives to the assessment. Your objectives drive the lesson, the supporting activities and how you assess the learner.

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