Creating Successful Blended-Learning Classrooms – [Interview]

When teachers begin to experiment with blended learning, they immediately face a bunch of questions: What are the benefits of blended learning? Which blended learning models should I use? How to make the blended class effective? What hidden rocks should I be aware of? And many others. To clarify the blended learning question we’ve interviewed a Google Certified Teacher and the author of numerous book on the blended learning – Catlin Tucker.

Catlin, could you please provide some reasons why a blended learning approach becomes a part of the instructional framework of more and more educational institutions?

Educational institutions are looking for solutions to improve learning with technology, as well as address the myriad challenges facing them. Schools are struggling to meet the needs of a wide range of skill levels in a single classroom. Using digital curriculum, adaptive software, and other online resources combined with blended learning models provides an avenue to shift our traditional teacher-centered classrooms to student-centered classrooms. Many educational institutions realize that we must shift students from passive consumers of information to dynamic generators of information if they are going to be college and/or career ready in our increasingly digital and global world. 

The blended classroom shifts the focus from the teacher to the student, allowing the teacher to focus his/her time on working directly with students. Instead of moving lockstep through a one-size-fits-all lesson, teachers can tailor their instruction to meet the needs of specific students and use technology tools to personalize practice and allow students the freedom to research, communicate, collaborate and create both inside and outside of the classroom. Learning is no longer limited to a specific time or place.

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